Hellie Brunt

Food from the Fight – lessons from Samson’s story

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



There are so many lessons we can learn from Samson’s story, but what is revealed through his riddle is something so hopeful for anyone facing a problem (or a lion?!?)


With nothing in his hands but a power that could only have come from God, Samson defeated a lion.

There will be tines when new feel out of our depth, knowing we have nothing in our hands to help us. Insufficient knowledge. A lack of strength or energy. But it is in our weakness that He is strong. When facing a lion who could devour him, Samson didn’t just wound it and send it off limping, Samson defeated it. (‘The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands…’ (Judges 14:6, The Bible)


We are in safe hands when we have nothing in our own hands.

We have the most potential strength when we feel there is nothing left of our own strength.

As Samson returns to the place where he encountered the lion, he found that the location of that problem had become a place of provision. The fight gave him food. There was honey in the circus. Not just a little but a lot. Provision not just for the one who found it but plenty for others to share as well.


When we have had to fight our own lions with nothing in our hands but the power of God lets be expectant of what can be found in that battlefield for us. In every battle that comes our way with its roar, lets remember to ask that the Spirit of the Lord would come powerfully upon us too!