Hellie Brunt


Specific packages of training offered

Note, these can be tailored and ordered according to age / stage / style / time constraints.

Prayer training: 

Come and feel equipped and gain confidence in praying for others both for within church gatherings and for those currently outside of the church we may meet (friends / work colleagues / neighbours / those on the street etc) . 

A brief summary of the objectives for the day / evening would be to help to:

  • Provide / Establish a Biblical framework for prayer ministry
  • Familiarise ourselves together with guidelines and models of prayer
  • To begin to practise with one another in a safe context (rather like a divine laboratory!)  and boost confidence that God would like to work with and through us

The training is comprised of the following sections:

Biblical basis. Values. Preparation. A ‘How to’ guide. Practical pointers.  Healing prayer / the model of Jesus. Signs of the Holy Spirit / presence of God. Prophecy / sensing what God is saying. Practical.


An opportunity to feel more equipped in praying pastorally through some of life’s personal issues with others and the opportunity to have some tools to process life with for yourself.

This will be a day or evening of training to enable us to help identify and resolve inner emotional issues / baggage from the past

Topics covered will include:

  • generational or family patterns
  • ties to people / places / things
  • processing hurts
  •  identity
  •  forgiveness etc…

A carefully crafted, well-paced, practical day workshop and ‘How to’ Guide for sensing THE Guide: God  / discerning His voice and guidance in our everyday lives.

Themes covered:

  • Biblical basis to sensing God / two way conversation
  • What happens when God is heard and His voice discerned
  • How to guide for discerning God’s voice (practical do’s and dont’s)
  • Different ways to hear God – within the world / the Bible / dreams / imagination / the senses
  • Phrasing and sharing senses with others


  • Q & A
  • practical activities
  • prayer opportunities – for groups, individuals & the wider Church
  • personal examples to inspire and motivate

This session will include the following:

  • Why pray
  • Biblical models – Jesus & Paul
  • Using the prayers of others and learning to find your own voice / words
  • ‘How to guide’ for praying for an hour
  • Handy hints & top tips
  • Practical activities, ideas,  praying with props & prompts!

Course for those exploring / finding faith:

 A 5 week life inspiring course to consider the idea of personal faith (one evening per week)

An opportunity to explore that there may be a divine opinion on who we are, what we can do (our God-inspired potential), our guilt and shame as well as a ‘how to’ guide for having a hope filled faith in situations as we journey through life.

 Each session is interactive and practical as well as having clear Biblical teaching input

Topics are as follows:

Week 1 : Identity (God as a perfect Father)

Week 2: Living a shame free existence (forgiveness of self and others)

Week 3: Hope in YOU (the Body of Christ / authority / introducing the Holy Spirit)

Week 4: The Bible (Intro & ‘how to’ guide for understanding / reading with God)

Week 5: Prayer (Intro & two way conversation)

Leadership training day for those working with children and youth 

Content includes:

  • 12 things I wish my leaders knew
  • Practical learning styles
  • Young people in the Bible – raising our expectations
  • Leadership – Biblical lessons for lives
  • The Up, In and Out of ministry  / activities
  • Letting God IN: a ‘how to’ guide for connecting young people with God
  • Praying WITH & praying FOR