Hellie Brunt

Head up, crown on!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

As we live, we see in a mirror dimly.

We cannot see the full extent of how God sees us or how things really are. The truth is that we are sons and daughters of the Most High God. If we deny wanting to be identified in this way, we deny a part of who we really are.

We can lift our chins and look to Him. If we hold any reluctance or resistance towards the terms Prince or Princess, we may need to journey for ourselves and re examine them under God’s Word. What do we think these words actually mean. Who does God want us to say we are? What authority and access do these words come with?

This is not about vanity, greed, swooshing around, showing off. What actually is a Prince or Princess….?!


We are sons and daughters of THE Father, THE King. His eternal creative word in our lives is a living invincible sword in our hands.

Psalm 45 verse 10-17  suggests that there is a standing, a security. A knowing and a being known. An authority. An ability to process in the same direction with our sisters, with our brothers.

keep calm adjust your tiara crown

We were born to be children of God. Originals. Not copies. Daughters and Sons. With THE King as OUR Father. Not orphans with no idea who we are or whose we are. What comfort we can take from lifting our heads physically and hoping that our emotions and spirits catch up afterwards!!!                                                               So today… head up, crowns on … process!!!!!  psalm 45