Hellie Brunt

Praying for others

Come and feel equipped and gain confidence in praying for others both for within church gatherings and for those currently outside of the church we may meet (friends / work colleagues / neighbours / those on the street etc) . 

A brief summary of the objectives for the day / evening would be to help to:

  • Provide / Establish a Biblical framework for prayer ministry
  • Familiarise ourselves together with guidelines and models of prayer
  • To begin to practise with one another in a safe context (rather like a divine laboratory!)  and boost confidence that God would like to work with and through us

The training is comprised of the following sections:

Biblical basis. Values. Preparation. A ‘How to’ guide. Practical pointers.  Healing prayer / the model of Jesus. Signs of the Holy Spirit / presence of God. Prophecy / sensing what God is saying. Practical.