Hellie Brunt

REACHING out to RAISE another

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We are THE BODY of Christ – our hands are authorised to act as the hands of Jesus. in the Spirit of Jesus.


Peter’s interactions recorded for us in Acts 9┬áprovide one of many models for us on how we too can interact with others.

Here we see in him a man prepared to kneel down.

A person praying.

Someone turning towards another (not away from them when the life had gone out of them).

One calling another to arise.

It was at that moment her eyes were opened. She sat up, he REACHED out his hand to her and RAISED her up.

Today we will have opportunities to raise up others, to reach out our hands, to turn towards them in their difficulties when we might prefer to turn away. Let’s take them.

We can then present these people to others as alive! What an incredible opportunity to reach out and raise others in the Spirit of Jesus. Reach out to raise!