Hellie Brunt

Shifting Squatters – lessons from Jericho

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We can live with Jericho’s. Things unwanted but present. (Like squatters in the attic that we avoid but consequently lose our loft to them!)
So walls need to fall & territory needs to be taken back in our promised land.
People can be trapped inside whilst others kept out.
Daunting shadows can get cast over our high hopes by high walls.
What is present will carry a presence, what we will allow with affect atmospheres.
These emotional & physical issues are settlers – they take up space & suck up our resources.
But there is HOPE.
Hope is given into our hands. We are positioned for purpose. Its time to square up & not shrink back:
Circle issues calmly & then at the right time release a sound. Release our shout.
This sound will bring down walls and will release the woman trapped inside (Rahab)
There are Jerichos in our lives & Jerichos in this nation – sitting squatters in our land. The hideous buying and selling of people is just one of them. Whatever your Jericho is Its time to walk your walk around it, encircle it, use your voice & use your influence. Its time to make an eviction!

(To read more in God’s words check out Joshua’s book ch 6, The Bible)