Hellie Brunt

Well Well Well…Diggers and Drinkers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I was reading chapter 21 of the book of Numbers and found myself stuck on a few particular verses (16-18) The israelites have been in the wilderness needing a drink …we all have those times. But here is the significant thing; God has been present, watching and preparing ready for those moments. If anyone feels in the midst of a wilderness, be assured that refreshment was provided by God at a place called Beer?!?! (Don’t take that too literally the word meant ‘Well’) Enjoy the refreshment, enjoy the water in the wilderness, it is Gods gift to us. He will give us water.

I love how the Princes and leaders of the past had done all the digging ready for people in the future to drink. How humbling. I am very aware that I seem to ride on the back of someone else’s amazing preparations, deep digging and planting. That is the easy part: to drink when someone else has done the digging, its less easy to dig for another that we may have not even met yet. But if we plant a tree and never get to sit under it or perch in its branches we should still go ahead and plant that tree! I feel so encouraged and challenged to think and live in a more ‘otherly way’ this week.

So this week lets throw our support, prayers, resources, connections behind people and situations that may never reward us personally or we may never see the fruit of. Lets drink but lets also not be too slow to dig so that others can drink in the future.