Hellie Brunt

What others say

This feedback is from those working within various spheres / cultural areas of influence within society i.e. business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and the Church:

Hellie has developed a great partnership with us and we commend her to you as we believe that she can bless many other churches in the same way

Youth Worker

Such an inspirational and insightful evening of prayer training – so blessed to have Hellie share her wisdom with us

Professional Sportsman

Whilst with us to deliver training, Hellie has been pastorally visiting in our community, and every time she stays with us we have stories of transformation…things that have untangled in people’s lives. But then Hellie goes further with them and helps them to rekindle the fire inside of them so that they become passionate people on a mission

Parish Development Worker

We are a growing Anglican Parish balancing the mixed economy of the established and the fresh expressions. We are regularly asking Hellie to train our volunteer leaders, and right from the start I have been very impressed at how quickly her approach disarmed us all – whatever our starting positions were – taking us on a journey of trust where we learnt lots about the topic, ourselves and each other.

Youth worker

Hellie has a gift for training, and for helping people untangle and rekindle their inner fire.

Business consultant

Hellie is a great direction giver

Mother / Food bank volunteer

Hellie has loads of ideas and experience … She has helped shape the way that one Church gathering is delivered and has encouraged a lot of the new leaders to take up their roles with confidence.

Church volunteer

Hellie has developed relationships with both the young and the old of the church – she manages to find time to engage with so many people individually – all members of my family have really benefitted from her ministry – whether through prayer workshops, groups or one to one conversations


There is a lot of hard work going into developing new leaders within the Church so that we can continue to grow, and she is essential to making that happen.

Church volunteer